We’ve shared with you our inspiration for COETAIL 2, an overview, some details about what the journey might be like, and one place to find all the info. We hope you’re getting as excited to jump back into the COETAIL community as we are to have you!

With only 4 days until applications open, we’re making sure you have everything you need to submit yours:

  • The simple stuff: Name, email address, COETAIL cohort, and COETAIL blog URL.
  • Video response: What did you enjoy most about your COETAIL experience? What are you most excited about joining the first COETAIL 2 cohort? Submit the URL of a video with your response. Video should be no longer than 3 minutes.
  • Last but not least: Agree (via a virtual signature) to become part of the cohort and pay the first installment within 7 days if you are one of the 15 selected trailblazers.

Have you read all the blog posts, found more details on the website, and watched the COETAIL 2 overview…but still have questions? Reply to the email from me, email me at [email protected] or comment below and I’ll be more than happy to talk it out with you. Want to get to know me a little better before committing to COETAIL 2? Click below to visit the COETAIL 2 website and ‘meet’ me!

I can’t wait to meet you! Let’s start with a little more about me and why I’m beginning this journey with you. Click here to view a message from me to you on the COETAIL 2 website!

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