COETAIL Challenge (2)

Welcome to Day 1 of the Fall COETAIL Challenge!

This 6-day challenge is intended to engage & grow our community of educators and celebrate our collaboration with the Google for Education Certified Trainer Program. Each day we’ll post the challenge on the COETAIL blog and send a short email with the day’s challenge. Don’t get our emails? Sign up above!

Why should you participate?

  1. To demonstrate the power of our community of educators OR become part of our community of educators.
  2. There are giveaways!



“The community involvement – what I learned from others has been massive.” ~COETAILer

We’re starting at the center of the COETAIL ethos: Community.


Our tagline says it all: A Community Approach to Learning. “The COETAIL program uses a cohort system of learning. Once a cohort starts they become a learning community and together support and learn from each other on their learning journey. Throughout the program participants are encouraged to expand their thinking and take part in different online educational learning communities.”

As you know, during the COETAIL program, not only do you become part of a small community (your cohort of 25-50 people) you also become part of the larger COETAIL community (currently over 1000 strong).


Today’s Challenge >>> Share this challenge! Invite specific educators you think would benefit from becoming part of our community. Ask fellow COETAILers if they’re participating in the challenge. Share with your entire PLN. Stay authentic to you and your community – share the challenge in your own way!


Connect >>> Post your completed challenge to Instagram, Twitter, Google+ or Facebook with @COETAIL & #COETAIL to be entered to win the giveaways and be connected with the community! Your posts can be as simple or as creative as you’d like.


Bonus >>> Eduro Learning (our parent organization) also happens to be in the middle of the first #EduroChallenge. We’ll join in the fun there too!

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